DAAD and University Awards

This year's DAAD and university awards for international students and doctoral candidates were presented on Tuesday, 12 December 2023. The prizes were awarded in the Leibnizsaal of the Leibnizhaus by Prof Dr Christina von Haaren (Vice President for International Affairs at Leibniz University Hannover) and Susanne Otte (DAAD). The awards recognise both extraordinarily high social commitment within and outside the university as well as outstanding academic achievements.

Our student Arkar Oo was honoured with the DAAD prize for outstanding achievements by international students at German universities. Anna Malinovskaya from Kazakhstan is a PhD student at the Institute of Cartography and Geoinformatics and received a prize from the Christian Kuhlemann Foundation. Illia Ostapyshyn from Ukraine is studying for a Master's degree in Computer Engineering and received the prize from the International Office.

Arkar Oo comes from Myanmar and has been studying in our international master’s programme Religion in the Public Sphere since 2022. He is a DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) scholarship holder of the Hilde Domin Programme since October 2021. Among other things, he founded the civil peace organisation Metta Let Kann in 2014 and is extremely committed to the protection of human rights and peaceful coexistence in Myanmar. In Myanmar, he also worked as a public schoolteacher and a teacher of Quran recitation. His activism today involves peace work between a wide variety of social actors. Additionally, he works as a freelance moderator and trainer for human rights and peace work.
For his extraordinary commitment in combination with his academic achievements, he was awarded with the DAAD prize for outstanding achievements of international students at German universities. 

Thank you very much for your significant contribution to peaceful coexistence and your rich impact on our degree programme at LUH. Congratulations on the DAAD prize, Arkar Oo!